Keywords: unobtrusive / non-invasive / observational / engaging

The Big Day

Meaningful photography driven by Informal, thoughtful observations and cordial engagement with people toencourage relaxed, contemporary images of the big day. This non-invasive approach is what most couples seek.







Allowing the Bride and Groom space to enjoy the company of their guests is as much an essential dynamic to our photography as the results. In addition to capturing essential photographs of the main players, we preserve time to simply study events as they unfold, capturing natural exchanges between people as well as observational images that strongly reflect the essence of the occasion.

Our attendance begins prior to the ceremony where there is the opportunity to document final preparations by both the bride, with her attendants, and the groom with his close company. Our following of events extends throughout the day covering the ceremony and the unfolding events thereafter, capturing natural 'groups' of fanily & friends, as well as observing the lively interaction between guests.

From the minutiae of intimate detail, to the bigger picture, we strive to make the big day bigger.


Processes / Preparation & Achievement

Preparation, careful planning, attention to detail. These attributes apply just as significantly to the photography as they do to the big day as a whole. Establishing a healthy relationship with each couple in the months leading up to the wedding, nurtures a better understanding of likes and dislikes. For this reason, we encourage a relaxed and informal pre-shoot where couples can experience just how much fun the photography can be. These sessions also provide an opportunity to bounce ideas around and evolve a bulletproof plan for the big day.

Our prices vary according to the services provided. Starting with the simple, comprehensive coverage of the wedding, our packages extend to include websites, DVD slideshows and albums, varying to suit alternative tastes and budgets. However, in all types of coverage, we provide ALL the carefully edited results in FULL RESOLUTION on disk.


Significant Points in Brief:





Full-resolution edited results on disk
We strongly feel that if a couple assign photographers to cover their big day, then they should expect to receive the results without paying further. We provide all the edited images at full resolution on disk for each couple to keep.





A pre-shoot is included with every package. This gives us the opportunity to engage with a couple before the big day and show just how much fun the process can be. Couples are often reassured and relaxed about the camera after our pre-shoots. The pre-shoot results are edited and provided on disk.





Non-invasive execution
Our approach is as unobtrusive as possible and whilst engagment with people is essential to successful photography, non-invasive observation of events also produces entertaining and dynamic results.